100 Disposable Nitrile Gloves Latex Free Non Sterile

  • £33.94
  • £33.94

Excellent fit, good sensitivity, and dexterity for fine tasks.

Nitrile gloves increased softness and comfort, stretchy, tactile sensitivity, and performance.

Provide rip, tear, puncture, and chemical resistance protecting your hand from grease, grime, dirt, oil, fuels, nicks, scraps, and more.

Rolled cuff for easy opening, quick donning, and fast removal.

Comfortable, super soft flexible powder-free nitrile gloves provide added safety in many applications.

Great for cleaning, food preparation, painting, tattooing, hair coloring, pet care, parts

handling, home improvements, medical procedures, lab work.


Material: Nitrile

Colour: Blue

Optional Size: S/M/L

Palm width: approx.

  • S less than 8cm(3.15in)
  • M 8cm-9cm(3.15in-3.54in)
  • L 9cm-10cm(3.54in-3.94in)

Quantity: 1 box(100pcs)